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This element includes information on U.S. Racial and Ethnic Groups. These groups include Alaska Natives, American Indians (Native Americans), Pacific Islanders in general, Samoans, Chamorros, Hawaiians, Tongans, Asians, general ancestry papers, and general race papers. Note that the element on Migrants includes some information on Pacific Islander and Virgin Islander groups in the United States as well. American Indians
  • Americna Indian Areas and Alaska Native Villages: 1980
  • American Indians Inside and Outside American Indian Areas in Oklahoma: 1980
  • Statistical Profile of the American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut Populations for Alaska: 1980
  • Residential Differences among American Indians in Oklahoma
  • We, The First Americans
  • Asian and Paicfic Islanders
  • Profiles of Asians and Pacific Islanders: 1990
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Popullation by State: 1980
  • Asian and Pacific Populaion Forum: 1989
  • Asian and Paicfic Census Forum: 1984
  • Asian and Pacific Islanders in Hawaii: 1983
  • Los Angeles County Asian and Pacific Islander Groups
  • Asian Indians in the United States: A 1980 Census Profile
  • Asian Pacific: Pacific Transitions: Population and Change in island Societies
  • Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United State
  • We, the American Pacific Islanders
  • We, the Asian and Pacific Islander Americans
  • Race
  • Use and Interpretation of Racial and Ethnic Data
  • Selected Social and Economic Characteristics for the American Indian, Eskimo, and Aleut Population for Selected Areas: 1990
  • Racial and Ethnic Classifications Used in Census 2000 and Beyond
  • We are the Americans
  • Ancestry
  • Ancestry and Language in the United States: 1979
  • Ancestry Tables: 1979
  • 1980 Census, Alphabetical Ancestry Code List
  • 1980 Census, Classified Ethnicity Code List
  • Foreign Born Population in the United States: 1990
  • United States Comparison of Ancestry: 1990
  • Geographic and Ethnic Group Analysis of Vital Indicators for Maternal and Child Health in Hawaii: 1975 - 1979
  • Ancestry, Birthplace, Race, and Language for the 1980 Census:
    Who's Who Among Asians and Pacific Islanders(1st Report)
    Whos' Who Among Asians and Pacific Islanders (3ed Report)
  • Communal Societies: The Gift to Be Single: Celibacy and Religious Enthusiasm in the Community of True Inspiration
  • Are the Armenians Really Russsians? - Or How the U.S. Census Bureau Classifies American's Ethnic Groups
  • Classification of Ancestry Groups in Decennial Census
  • Collection of Ancestry Data in Census Surveys
  • Direct and Indirect Measures fo Ethnicity: How Different Definitions Affect the Size and Characteristics of Various Ethnic Groups
  • Historical Comparability of Ethnic Designations in the United States
  • Measurement of Ethnic Origin in the Decennial Census
  • Sample Data Population Tables Shells for the Dress Rehearsal