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This element contains methodology and resulting papers related to various demographic characteristics, mostly for Pacific Islanders in the Pacific, and in the United States. Generally, the files are divided into those involved in methodology, and those involved in analysis of fertility, mortality and migration. Pacific Demography
  • Atoll Population Structure: Some Methods of Analysis
  • Atoll Population Conference Memo: 1972
  • Atoll Population Project
  • Population Growth in Three Pacific Island Ecosystems: Eauripik Atoll, American Samoa, and Hawaii
  • The Demographic Situation in the Pacific Islands and the Maldives
  • The Demographic Situation in the Pacific Islands
  • Fertility
  • Fertility and Family Planning in the South Pacific
  • Fertility and Contraception in the Marshall Islands
  • Changing Fertility in the Pacific: The American Samoa Example
  • Fertility of US Pacific Islanders: 1980 unpublished tabulations
  • Fertility Rates Tables: 1965 - 1979 unpublished tabulations
  • Recent Fertility Trends among Asians and Pacific Islands in the United States
  • Recent Fertility Trends among American Indians in the United States
  • The Relationship between Education and Fertility: A Comparison of Western Samoa and American Samoa
  • Fertility on Eauripik
  • Matching and Own-Children
  • The Effect of Alternative Matching Procedures on Fertility Extimates Based on the Own-Children Method
  • To Edit or Not to Edit: That is the Question, Some Thoughts on the Current State of Computer Editing
  • Own-Children Fertility Estimates for Various Pacific Countries
  • The Own-Children Method of Fertility Estimates
  • Own-Children Method of Estimating Age-Specific Fertility Rates
  • Demographic Analysis of Small Populations Using the Own-Children Method
  • How Far Has Fertility in China Really Declined?